PreMalStruct FP7 funded project ended on 31st of July 2011

The major aim of this project was to provide knowledge to scientific groups working in the pregnancy associated malaria vaccine field. This project benefits from the synergy created by the parallel efforts made by all partners and thus make a significant impact on our basic knowledge of the molecular interaction between the human host and placental parasites.
The results generated during the Premalstruct project therefore have direct implications for the development of a malaria vaccine that would ease this burden of death and debilitation in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. It is anticipated that Premalstruct partners will play in the near future an essential role in the development of the most promising PAM vaccine candidates.

Participants at the PreMalStruct Kick-Off meeting, Heidelberg University, April 17th 2008.

PreMalStruct - "Pregnancy Malaria Structure"- is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission as part of its 7th Framework programme. This project is co-ordinated by the Institut Pasteur - Paris.